Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Medical Conundrum

So as I was saying, the weekend included emergency room time with my Father-in-law. He has had both hips replaced over the past 25 years or so and one is going way south. It has dislocated at least 5 times over the summer and finally he got a referral to a surgeon to determine whether or not that is a possibility. One of his hips was replaced by a local surgeon who told us that since he didn't replace the hip that is causing the problem he won't touch the it. Can that be a legitimate medical decision?

Any how we have seen the surgeon and he needs the primary care physician to advise that my FIL is either a candidate for surgery or not. He won't schedule the surgery until he hears that. The primary needs to run tests and so forth to determine whether FIL is or isn't and since the tests are classified as pre-op, there should be an op scheduled. Those tests are time sensitive and will only be valid for x. If the op is scheduled too far after the tests, they aren't considered pre- op and insurance may not blah blah. The surgery cannot be scheduled without knowing if the patient is a candidate and that cannot be attested to without the pre-op tests and here we are. . . imagine if the government got involved? Hillary Care or otherwise would put the kind of people in charge that we deal with at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. I'm dealing with quality folk now and I am ready to go on a Thelma and Louise kind of road trip because of it.

Pray we keep our health.

At this point the doctors have come to some kind of arrangement and by Thursday? we may be on the road to fixing the hip situation. Now see how easy that was? It's only been a matter of weeks.


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