Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Road Trip

Spent all day yesterday on the road with my man. We had to take his dad to the doctor to hopefully be cleared for hip surgery. We decided to leave early to get lunch before picking up his dad and good thing we did. The bridge leaving here was down to one lane in either direction due to road work and the back up was incredible. It was 4Th of July, great weather, long weekend traffic. It took an hour from the stop point to crawl over the bridge so what normally took an hour took two. We were so squeaked for time his poor father was spinning. We flew to the house and practically carried him to the car. We made it on time and starving. All went well at the doctor's office. My husband had formed a bad opinion of this guy from the emergency room and contacts about this visit. He changed his mind. He went into the inner sanctum with his father and had to deal. I usually jump in because he puts on that help me look but this time I reached for a magazine and sat back. He had no choice but to go.

He came back with his dad and he was so relaxed. He really likes this doctor and feels that the doctor really likes his dad and in addition, the doctor can't be manipulated by his dad. He does that you know. He is good at it. So is his son.

Back to the day. We brought his dad home and he was pooped. It takes a lot out of him to walk with the hip and leg as bad as they are. We had brought beef stew that the hubby had made for his dad and heated that up. We waited until the man had downed a large bowl and slice of buttered bread along with a glass of V-8. After that he said he was going to take a nap and we left. We had a 3 o'clock appointment for the car up the road. Off we went and while the car was being tended to we walked and stopped at a pizza spot where we took our starving selves. Split that small pizza with water and call it a day.

Back to the car and home but first, that bridge? One lane in each direction remember? Oh yes, another hour to get over it and then home but first stop at a client's house to pick up a computer. The house was in a new development and my mouth never closed. One beautiful and huge home after another, an endless winding display of enormous monthly payments. What do all those people do for work? All I hear about is the lack of good paying jobs on this side of the bridge. They must all work on the other side. The taxes on those places must be staggering and yet, that town still needs more for the children.

Home we got and pooped we were. Long day. How did the pioneers handle all that day long and night long covered wagon stuff? I don't know but at the end of the day we were over one huge hurdle for his dad's surgery. The doctor said the man is in great shape other than the hip. YAY.

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