Thursday, September 27, 2007

Missin' my Brothers and Others

I know I should have written more and not deleted the one that I did write but..... it's my blog after all and I will do what I will do. It's the only place I can say that and mean it so . . . . . give me a break.

My bother died 3 years ago today. I went out with his girl and we had such a nice night. No one in the world had the sense of humor my brother had and I miss miss miss laughing with him. I miss every one of my family and when I think that as a younger woman I couldn't ever imagine being alone in the world. What a very odd world this is. I loved my family more than earth and would have done anything for any one of them and now! Here I am! Oh there are still friends and more distant family and of course my husband thank you God for him.

Have you seen the German Coast Guard video....we are sinking...what are you sinking about? Google German Coast Guard and you should get there. My friend's husband is from Germany and he showed this to me the other day. He laughed so hard that he got everyone else laughing. Not that the video isn't funny but he was more fun.

Now I must get on with life. I started the day with Joyce Meyer and she had a really good point. Forgiving doesn't mean hanging around with just to prove you forgive. I needed to hear that. This week has been all about forgiving. Am I just sensitive to that message or is it out there for everyone? Chuck Swindall is talking all week about Joseph and how he forgave his brothers. Joyce this morning and there have been other messages on those radio programs. I don't know. Maybe God does use that radio station to get a message to me.

Have a lovely day. It's sunny here and might rain later but it will be a nice day I'm sure.


Joyful Days said...

It is your blog & you can do what you want to with it.

My heartfelt prayers for you as you miss your brother. Having my mother pass away recently I'm just starting to understand loss. I cannot imagine losing my sister.

Those are good words about forgiveness. God uses everything.


gemma said...

Thanks for your comment. You are the very best!