Sunday, October 07, 2007

Out of the Ordinary

Well due to the husband's need to put food on the table, we are back from the weekend on Sunday. Note I said we. It's always only I since most of his work goes on at the summer place which is open all winter and where he is usually anchored in. This bit of work is closer to our other place which is where I work. Here we are where usually I am only. The dog doesn't have a clue what's up. She is pacing and pacing. Very rarely does she spend time here and honestly it is a much better spot for her since we have a large fenced in yard.

Problem is that the husband expects to open the refrigerator and see what he usually sees and here? I live like a lonely old maid. I have no juice or extras anywhere. I have frozen dinners of the Lean Cuisine variety. I have the high fiber cereal and canned soup. I bring my salad fixin's and milk back and forth. He's not happy.

We did go out last night to an Outback restaurant. We had a gift certificate and put it to good use. As always I had most of my steak to bring home. I just love their chopped salad and can't stop so that is usually dinner plus the baked potato. At least he'll have steak for breakfast. LOL

We talked about discovering (for us) the Outback and how we went there with my brother and his wife when we were in Florida for my folks 60th wedding anniversary. Neither my brother nor his wife had ever been to one and after that they always took the family for group events. We also went to one when my cousin's daughter got married in California. We decided to go and make it a real vacation. What a good time we had. One of the stops was in Fresno and we were searching for a place to go for dinner that was close by the motel, reasonable and good. Not knowing anything about Fresno we went into the Yellow Pages which is my AAA guidebook by the way and the only thing nearby enough that we were sure was good was the Outback. We went and sure enough it was as if we were in the one in Florida or the one in Massachusetts. I really don't like that trend of franchise everything but scattered among the unique to the region shops and restaurants which this one was is not an awful thing.

I am meeting my cousin today for a shopping adventure. Tell you all about it later. Have a fabulous Sunday.

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