Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tough Day

I am really having a tough time today. I look out the window and the trees are turning and dropping leaves. It is really truly fall and I keep thinking about my dad. 8 years ago he passed away and it was this month that he developed pneumonia and never left the hospital. I have been crying all day. What is wrong with me? Eight years already. Enough. But then, I keep seeing his face and how scared he was. Mother had died 6 months earlier and he was so lonely. My mother would be so ticked that I wrote this about dad and 6 months ago I never wrote this sort of thing about her.....she would be giving me what for!!!


kenju said...

My mom died in 1985 and my dad in 1995, and I still miss them terribly. I don't think you ever get over it.

gemma said...

Thanks. It is the biggest empty space and as you know sometimes it just takes over. The takeover is shorter and less consuming every time it hits but this one? A perfect storm of woe. I'm glad that day is done.