Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is this Dream Doing?

I had the weirdest dream last night. It was in black and white like old photos, you know, the black and white that is more brown and white. I don't know where I was but I was looking through a large box of old photos one of which was a wedding picture. On the back of the picture was written "Kelleigh Brown on the day of her wedding". She was cute enough in a 1950's kind of bride way. The other pictures in the box were of her and her family. Some were collages of Christmas. The room with the tree was a large living room with French doors at the back. The tree in one picture was white. The tree picture was in the center of the collage, the pictures around it were of presents and dinner and people on the couches and I guess they were all taken on that Christmas. There were pictures of showers and ladies at lunch. The ladies at lunch all wore hats as they did back then. The hats were turbans and beaded and actually so cute. The ladies in one picture were standing and were all looking at paper one lady was holding. On the back of that picture was written, "Here we are deciding what to wear at the wedding and where the wedding should be." Odd. All those ladies planning a wedding. It must have been Kelleigh's since the handwriting was the same as that on the back of the wedding picture. I thought how lovely that everyone cared so much for Kelleigh. As I woke up I was thinking. . how much did someone care that the pictures wound up in a box somewhere for total strangers to pick over?

I will have to mull this one over, won't I?


kenju said...

Ah, yes, you will....LOL. Are you engaged? Contemplating marriage? Named Kelleigh?

gemma said...

None of the above - already married and a long time ago. Where did that name come from for heavens' sake?