Friday, October 12, 2007

The Dreaded To-Do's

I am off today. Well, I am not in the office today but working from home and that is almost as good as off. The sun is out and I am working my way up to walking for a bit. Why oh why do I not do what I know is good for me and what I know will make me feel better? What is wrong with my head? I have a whole list of things in it that I know if I did my life would be a lot smoother and yet, there they sit, on the list with never a check mark or line drawn through them to indicate their doneness.

Sigh, sigh sigh. I think that it is much better to be all engaged in wondering why these silly things don't get done than it is to look at the really big issues in life. Maybe this failure to complete the to-do's is really a ta-da. Perhaps it's a blessing to have these little grinding and never ending granular failures to toss through than to have the huge ones staring at me.

See? I'll do anything, think anything, be distracted by anything rather than stand up, put on the damned sneakers and go out that door for a walk. I must be firm. And there is another thing on the list. Weight bearing exercise has been on that list for I can't tell you how long. I did check off the "Buy hand weights in varying sizes so that the Strong Women Stay Young recommended exercises can be done in those early morning do nothing hours". But then. . . .

What? Go for a walk you say? Stop this babbling nonsense. Grow up. Be responsible. Put on those sneakers you had to have and went all over the northeastern region of the USA to locate. I will but where oh where are my socks? If I can find them without seeing all the dust under the bed and coming back for the swiffer to rid the bedroom of that blight which as you all know leads to the "Yikes look at those dirty windows and how can they be washed with curtains so dingy" thoughts, I might get that walk in today.

Oh.. all .. right! I'm going. But....I'll be back and then...there's the list.

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