Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Time with Good Friends

We had the nicest visit from two of our dearest friends. They have been friends with each other for a zillion years and while at our house years ago they realized they were more than friends and started to date which led to their moving in together and 10 days ago they got married in Las Vegas. Honestly they are both so happy. This is her first marriage and he had been briefly married many years ago and divorced for years and years. They are so giddy about the husband and wife thing. They are also torn between being so excited and then thinking they are too old to be so.

They came to pick up a freezer that we were giving them...long story but we planned on dinner for them and I bought a small cake that looked as if it could have been the top of a wedding cake. They didn't have a cake and she cried over it. I gave it to her and told her to freeze it until their first anniversary and have it then. Is that still done? I remember doing that years ago. We grilled and had steak. My husband is a griller extraordinaire. He puts the grilled steak on a tray that has olive oil, garlic, rosemary and sage. It is so flavorful. I made a great salad of romaine, red pepper and our heirloom tomatoes and had some great french rolls heated in the oven. Toss in some great wine and what a nice meal. We toasted them before eating and more tears since it was just the two of them in Las Vegas thus no toasts so Kleenex all around, well at least the ladies. The men? They are not so weepy.

Dinner is now done and they are on the road back to their house. My man is in the recliner with the baseball game on and the snoring is so loud that it's hard to hear the announcer. Hope you are all as content as we are.

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kenju said...

Here's to finding your significant other and also here's to grilling and having friends over for dinner!