Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Beginnings

There have been so many new beginnings recently. My niece had a little boy, actually a big boy and he is lovely. My sister-in-law's daughter had a little boy yesterday and my cousin's daughter got married Saturday. There are more as well but all of that in less than three weeks and I don't have much of a family at all. To go a bit further, every morning we can start all over again. God is so good.

That direct line radio station I listen to was talking about sin this morning and the pastor was quoting the bible. He read Psalm 51 which he said was David's view of sin and then 2Samuel 12 which was God's view of the same sin. Then that pastor said the most frightening thing of all. When we sit in that judgement seat we think the Lord will show us our life as He saw it and we all know how terribly painful that will be but this pastor said that he thinks we will also see how our lives might have been if we had only repented sooner. We will see everything as it might have been. What a thought.

Oh Lord have mercy. I am so grateful for new beginnings and I pray for Your help and guidance as I move through this day ahead of me.

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Joyful Days said...

Gracious that is a thought to chew on and stew on. Lord have mercy on me.