Saturday, October 20, 2007

This and That

Never did figure that name out from the picture dream. Last night George Noury on Coast to Coast talked about falling dreams. He wanted to know if anyone ever hit bottom and lived to tell about it. The man is a hoot. He had some real doozies calling in. One woman said she turned her feet into propellers and landed like a helicopter.

I can remember dreaming like that and feeling like falling but ever since I moved the folded up blanket from the bottom of the bed which naturally made more weight on my feet, the dreams stopped. Read that tip in Good Housekeeping or Prevention or one of those.

My Father-in-Law has an appointment on Monday with his primary so we finally have a foot in the door so to speak. Now all we have to do is gather up all the medication he takes, write down what it is and when he takes it. Why there is no control point for this I will never know. He sees one doctor who refers him to all others and nothing ever gets back to the primary. I thought that was the point of a primary care physician. In my clinical group, the doctors all note a single record for me. If the doctor I am referred to is not in the group, there is a follow up and all notes are entered. What's with his doctor? Well, we'll soon find out.

The weather is rainy and warm. It was a wonderful stormy night last night. The rain pounded down so hard it woke me up and then, when it stopped, a beautiful clean breeze came along. It was intoxicating it smelled so good. I must press on with the day. My aunt's 80th birthday is being celebrated this weekend. I have not been invited but the aunts and cousins are in my area and might knock on my door. I don't want a mess if they do. Then again, if I wasn't invited, why should I let them in? Only kidding.

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