Thursday, August 23, 2007


Wait on the Lord. I awoke this morning to that message. My radio ministry is alive and well at my bedside. The Lord's time is not my time. How better to get to know Him? Wait, wait, wait and wait with patience and open ears, eyes and heart. I try. I don't shake my fist as much as I used to. Oh, now and then I clench my teeth and roll my eyes as I say "I'm wai-ting!" But not so much as I did years ago, During the time of strife following my parents and sibs' deaths I prayed for relief. I begged to be pushed under His wings and gathered to Him like the hen does for her chicks and He did that for me. I couldn't have slept otherwise. I would be spiraling into a major anxiety attack and Poof! peace would swarm over me and I would drift away secure in His love. What a miracle and what a blessing. I have let the gratitude for that time slip away and have neglected to speak words of appreciation to the Lord for His love and patience with me during that time. Thank you Lord for always holding me close and sheltering me from the trials I am too weak to bear. You always are with me and moving me through the circumstances you have brought me to. Even when I have brought myself to those circumstances due to my pride and stubbornness, You have still been there. Help me to wait for You and Your answer. Help me to be patient and still. Bless me Lord as You always have and will. I pray in Jesus' name Amen.

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