Friday, August 17, 2007

Life and Lamb Chops are equally Good

Still have nothing but it's early and cooler air is coming they say. This week has been so long overdue. I am merely here and doing nothing but normal day to day things. I walk every morning and do errands of sorts for the rest of the day. My biggest chore is to figure out what to defrost for dinner. Grilling is for men. Yes we say that in the house of us. He loves to and he does it. I am a chopper and a side dish lady. Last night? Lamb chops of the loin variety, grilled to perfection. I was on the case of curried brown rice served with zucchini, mushrooms onion and green peppers. Man, that was some good dinner. It was followed with strawberry Edy's low cal frozen yogurt smothered with fresh sliced strawberries. That was followed with a push back in the recliner and I believe I heard me some snoring.

Life is Good. Bless you all. I have some thoughts on life which will be entered later. Families and in-laws and relationships of all sorts will be discussed. Later - - -

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