Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Day of Vaca

Last vacation day and I'm not sure how I feel about all the previous days of no work. It felt nice although lazy. Retirement looms ahead and dangles all the possibilities of the universe but the kick is that I have to seize the moment and do those possibilities. Will I have the energy and desire to move? I'm not sure. I do know that spending more than four days at a time in one place makes it possible to connect with the community and make commitments to things like church programs, bible study, fitness classes and such. I went to a Tai Chi class yesterday and when it broke one of the women said "See you Thursday". Thursday too? I asked and she said the class was two sessions per week, Thursday at 6:30 pm and Sunday morning. I won't make the Thursday session, I said, because I will be working and by the time I get down Thursdays it is 7:30 or later. That's no excuse she said, see you Thursday. Sigh. I will see her on Sunday. The pain is bound to be a distant memory by then.

On with the day - I have just finished my morning walk and the pain? she's not so bad. At least the late snack of last night has been partially erased by the calories just burned and the urge to have a breakfast sandwich and homefries was beaten to a pulp and the cereal and banana won.


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