Friday, August 31, 2007

A Grown Up Day

My husband and I have been in the car since 9AM this morning and have driven and stopped and driven some more. It all began when he said that he had to take the car in for servicing and it would take a couple of hours. I am never here with him, still commuting for three days away and 4 days here and he works 2 of the four days and ya da yada and so forth. Anyway I said I would go with him and after the service stop he had service calls to make and I would drive along with him keeping him company and while he went to the client and did what he does I would sit in the car waiting and reading a book or whatever. Thus went our day. We only had one violent outburst with screaming and pouting and I am so proud of myself, no tears. When done with that we went out to eat and shared a bowl of soup along with red curry and shrimp. We are so grown up. Now we are home and the Red Sox are on and I must hurry and fall asleep in my recliner. Day is done.

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