Thursday, August 30, 2007

signs of a sociopath

Glib and superficially charming, manipulative and cunning - or is it conning? - grandiose sense of self, pathological liar, lack of remorse, shame or guilt, shallow emotions, parasitic lifestyle, enormous sense of entitlement. Hmmm.....sounds like someone I know.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm sounds exactly like someone I know as well. My ex-husband matches the description perfectly. After cheating on me twice, which I know of, getting involved in drugs, lying, holding a knife to my throat, I finally filed for divorce. His reaction was a faint no please don't. I thought it would serve as a wake-up call to him of how close he was to losing me if he didn't seek help. When the time approached for us to get divorced I agreed that we could try again simply because I was still in love with him and didn't feel ready to lose him. His reply was no don't. Only recently has he admitted he refused to try again to spite me. 3 weeks after the divorce my ex had charmed some other girl into decorating his new place, into cooking for him, sleeping with him etc. 3 months later, he had effectively moved into her place and he never hit the rock bottom I was so hoping he would. 9 months later I am still trying to pick up the pieces and the new girlfriend has already been through the ringer with him but refuses to acknowledge what is in front of her eyes. She believes he loves her. I couldn't understand why he chose to stay with her even after I asked if we could try to patch things up and then I saw her car. Money, she has money and it all made sense. She helps support a rather expensive cocaine habit and they have even started up a website business together. I, after much struggle and therapy, breathe a sigh of relief that this evil is out of my life and I now have a chance at a normal life again. Sadly this new girl is trapped and feels she has too much invested in the relationship to leave. Sad how these individuals go through life leaving disaster in their wake and show no remorse whatsoever. I recently asked my ex how it is that he can feel so little. His reply was "weed,baby,weed". My thought is more "sociopath, honey, sociopath"