Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tag Team Destroyers

I don't understand how the Clintons, after the 8 years during which they accomplished none of the things which existed and they now say they will snap their fingers and cure the world, how can they walk with their heads high as if the past was not the past and yes, I know, the past is the past but it exists and there was damage done and there has been no repentance and there is complete denial of the facts and off they go to glory and perks and luxurious living more that they have now which is more than most have. Whew. That exhausted me. But seriously! What's with this?

Also notice how I say they? Oh Yes! Make no Mistake. We get him too and he, in fact, regardless of all the feministas out there, he is pulling her strings. Oh Yes! She, in the past, has made such huge bloopers in such public ways that she had to do herself over and who do you think is slick enough to tell her how and what and when. How to undo the term limits stuff. Leave it to slick willy to figure that out and with his PT Barnum thought patterns, there is more than one sucker born every minute. That man has played everyone for a sucker all his life and she is the perfect partner. Like serial killers, tag team destroyers.

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