Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moving to Goal

I'm on a roll here. I have a pile of old, and I mean OLD, magazines that I put together and have promised myself that I will peruse each, rather than buy any new, pull any very special articles, recipes, instructions for name tags and place settings, you know, things I will never do but think I will some day. After pulling said articles I will walk to the garage with the OLD and now useless magazine and I will, I promise I will, put that now useless bunch of slick paper into the recycle bin. From there it and all of it's kin will off to the dump and my house will be one more step to clutter free. Good plan? Seems so. That pile however has been sitting on the couch near my chair since maybe February. We have no company so the couch has only had the magazines sitting on it. We are approaching the season of week end visitors and so.......the pressure is on.

I have gotten through, almost, one magazine so far. It is a 2001 edition of Shape and I am on my 33rd quest to determine whatever happened to the success stories they wrote about. They had an article about weight loss and Courtney Rubin was the victim, no make that volunteer. She evidently wrote for each edition and in 2001 she had been dieting for 18 months and had lost 24 pounds. She sounded very positive and hopeful....does anyone know whatever happened to her. Here we are 7 years she still moving toward goal?, maintaining?, getting back on track after backsliding? What??? You see my issue. I cannot rest until I find the answer. That pile of magazines? They will have to wait.

I did select these helpful hints from the earlier pages of the magazine. The Editor in Chief, Barbara Harris wrote 5 tips to boost your chances to become a success story. Let me detail them since I want to work on a couple.

1. You will do a lot of dumb things before you "get it". Don't despair

2. None of your attempts is a failure. All are a necessary part of the process.

3. Once you get it right, don't expect it to always stick. We all backslide and loop back
relearning lessons

4. Our biggest mistakes are our best teachers.

5. Persist and you'll succeed at much more than the task at hand.

I know. I know. Nothing earth shattering here but honestly. Trying to break a habit or establish a new one or solve a problem or work on a relationship, whatever it is that you have going on it makes sense to review these five items as you work on it. I am going to use them as I try to de-clutter. See ya.

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