Thursday, May 22, 2008

No More Propaganda, Sorry I Mean News

I am fatigued by the manipulation of the ruling class which is composed of the elected legislators both federal and local. There is a pattern emerging, at least to me. . . read this from a biography of Leon Trotsky:

"Trotsky's perspective--which is also, in this case, Marx's--is that history is inevitably moving toward communism all on its own. The more the workers are exploited, the greater will be the number of people who side with them. Eventually, according to Marx and Trotsky, worker exploitation will become so bad that a critical mass of the people will see the "true face" of the for-profit economic system, and will take over the state in order to put in place a different economic system where everyone has ownership."

The system where everyone has ownership. Hmmmm. Now let's see which political party is more attuned to that system. Hmmmm. How are the gas prices? How are those profits at the oil companies? Is everyone feeling exploited enough? No? Well then turn on more restrictions and tax everyone more so that production might be reduced here as well. What a great way to exploit everyone. Yes! Not only will the prices increase but now? Man, what great fun, there will be a shortage. Lines at the pumps, reduced availability equals more costly freight, all products and most especially food will soar. Oh lets pay the farmers even more money to let their land sit idle. Throw in some food stamp money because there will be more peasants, sorry, make that citizens who will need them. Thank you George Soros for whispering in so many ears. Oh. Maybe not just George. But thanks anyway. We need that drumbeat of misery and the actual mess that Congress has created for us in order to seat the right person in November. Let's find one who can tell us how miserable we are with style and grace. Yes. We. Can.

I am laying off the news for a while. Baseball and basketball will fill me up thanks.

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