Monday, May 12, 2008


Woke up this morning and maybe it's the weather, maybe not but I am in a "What the *&#?" kind of mood. That **&)%? fill in the blanks to use whatever you may normally use.

First I read that UMass has been asked to rescind the honors they granted to that Mugabe horror. They have been dragging their feet because they have no precedent to fall back on. It's never been done before. What do we do???. And these are the educators we rely on to train our young. I guess researching the guy's character before honoring him had never been done before either. I guess opening your eyes to see the horrors he has inflicted on the people in his country was something unheard of. I guess we just honor any true dictator that comes our way. I guess total destruction of a healthy economy is a skill we admire and want to encourage in others. Thus, we grant honor and distinction to all we can find who fit our mold. Blech!!! Send those administrators more money. It's for the children.

My blood pressure is rising and I must off to the medicine cabinet. What a mess!

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