Wednesday, May 14, 2008

God Loves Us

Woke up to the Word on radio as I do often. The message often gets garbled as I am half awake. Sometimes it turns into my dream and when I finally get to the awake part I have great confusion over the dream and the radio and ....I'm sure you get it. This morning I was listening to Nancy Leigh DeMoss (sp?) and she was talking about how, when times are challenging (I love that expression) and life is tough you don't often have time to do this but later, when the calm hits and it will, you discern the hand of God guiding you through the turmoil. I have to confess to this. It is true.

I came downstairs and made the coffee and prayed to not hate some people as I do often. I need my heart to be changed and opened by God and every now and then I think I've got it and I hear something or think something and WHAM!!! There it is. That blind consuming RAGE and I am almost out of breath because of it. Enough of that. I am praying and praying to God that the RAGE be reduced to rage and then changed to I don't care and then turned to I wouldn't throw them anchors if they were drowning and then to yeah okay we can co-exist and then love as is the command to do to thy neighbor.

Whew! See why I need to pray mightily? Back to the story. That one where later, after the crisis, you look back and see that God was there all along and that's how you got through it.

Well I checked through the Web spots that I do and there is a story about how not religious these people are but they were raised to be. Adolescence and life pulled them from their respective churches and now religion? Not so good for them, they say. They want to enroll their children in school and there is a long waiting list but if you are a member of the local church then? You get on a priority list. Their children mean the earth to them. The school is a wonderful school. You got it. They are going to church. I mean to tell you God knocks on that door and hunts you down and will find a way to get to you. Don't ever tell me that God is not in charge of this universe. Call that what you will but He found a way to get them to church now, didn't He? I would leave a comment on that blog but she would hunt me down and do me in. I feel safe here. Silly me.

I am back to praying now. I know He will get me there. Have a nice day.

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