Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre-Show Publicity

Yesterday I had this thought on that silly squirrel of a man who used to be the President’s press secretary. You know. What’s his name? The man who was invisible after he left the position. You know. The man who was beaten like a redheaded stepchild every time he opened his mouth. You know. The man, or should I say, silly boy dressed like a man, who is the darling of the press today because he is doing Finally! What they wanted him to do for all the time he was at the podium.

As far as I am concerned his book is nothing but a way to donate millions of dollars in advertising and propaganda to the DNC and avoid all those silly rules the rest of us have to follow. The publisher gives this guy who knows how much money and he spews forth all of the pent up garbage he has squashed since he was called fatso in the 3rd grade. He is wined and dined and on the news and seen as a “whistleblower” although it is long after the fact. He will be and has been on every news show morning noon and night. If he isn’t on personally someone will read some skanky tidbit of nothing but his insecure and poor me rantings that have no factual back up. Everyone will ooooh and aaaah about “Bush Lied” as if that hasn’t been disproved time and time again. The people who want to believe that still do. The people with an independent mind have done the research and know the truth. The release of this garbage is timed to carry the drumbeat through July and bring the convention into the world as the place where the Messiah will be announced. Like Kerry not many years ago, he will march to the podium, light will shine down upon his head and the world will breathe a sigh of relief that we will finally be free. Free at Last!!!

Oh Bother. What a load. Yawn. Get a new director. That show folded real fast the last time it came around.

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Joyful Days said...

That says it all pretty darn well.