Friday, May 16, 2008

Nature or Nurture??

There's a picture of my Dad in the book case here. He is at the office and maybe he's in his fifties. He is wearing a suit but the jacket is off and his white shirt has the sleeves rolled up. He's a handsome dude, honestly, he is or was. He is leaning on a counter and has one hand on his hip. He is holding a cigar, he smoked them forever and when he had to quit he held on to one and never lit it up. Point of this is that the pose he is holding in that picture is one he assumed in another years and years before. He is standing next to a Model T or A or whatever, an old Ford from the 20's or 30's and he has one hand on his hip and the other on the car. My mother wrote on the picture "Little Man Big Car". She was, as they say a "buster". I just noticed that tonight. The pose not that mother was a "buster" I knew that forever and am told I have her qualities. Why? I wonder, did I just notice dad's pose?

I saw a special ages ago on the PBS channel and it concerned a group of kids that were filmed on the first day of nursery school and then 5 years later or so and then so much longer and the point of the special was that there are some things that never change. They showed the first film and the last tape over twenty years later and sure enough!!! The poses were so similar that, even if you couldn't recognize the faces you could certainly recognize the body language and the behaviors. Hmmmm! Nature? or Nurture???

I am going to try to scan those pictures of the handsome dude who was and is my father and you can see for yourself.....have to figure out that scanner first. Later 'Gater!

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michelle said...

I think I saw that PBS special, I don't remember most of it, but it's funny when we develop mannerisms and that we keep them forever!
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