Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

And now for a political moment on Super Tuesday. I will vote before going in to work. That is not the political moment by the way, here is that.

Just read that someone is supporting Hillary because she has served in the Senate and has an unprecedented eight years of on the job training in the White House. Would that same person support Laura Bush running for president? She seems to have unprecedented on the job training as well. Better yet, would she hire me to take care of her computer network? I have 17 years of training here watching my husband take care of his clients. Send me in coach. What a load of hogwash people are expected to lap up.

That kind of ties in to my malaise concerning Superbowl. Yes. I wanted the Patriots to win. Look at their record for the season. And now. It counts for zero. A team from nowhere with only the luck of the wild card system has knocked them out in one game. How dumb is that? Eli can't compare to Tom in the long haul. He is not the all time best ever quarterback. He got lucky and that is the way the game goes. Talent and skill count for nothing if you have a bad day. Baseball knows this. More than one game is played to prove the winners. That should be the case with football. That's all I have to say.

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