Monday, February 18, 2008

Break some Dishes

I have been so lazy all weekend. I also had a major crankin' mood going, one of those, "Oh Yeah? Says who?" moods. "Just itchin' for a fight ", my mother would say when we were kids. "Well go break dishes." We had a big pile of old and I mean old dishes and cups and saucers and you name it. They were in the garage and there was a big metal trash can there too. Get mad enough and you were sent to the garage to break some serious glassware. The sound was amazing and it certainly wore the edge off the hostilities. Mom was a woman of vision and wise beyond her years. All weekend long I had a dishbreaking kind of mood going. I tried to blow it off through a series of snarls with my husband but he's on to me and so are me very best friends. The one I almost caught realized before we went too far what I was up to, really before I realized, and the call was cut short. We have this thing that goes like this, "What? Can"t hear you. I'm going through a tunnel." As those words are said, and they are said louder and louder, if you can crumple up paper to achieve that statice sound it makes it perfect. At the end of your loud statement and background noise, hang up. Trust me. It has saved many a relationship.

I realize now in hindsight that I should have been breaking the dishes. I'm glad I have a good group around me who knows when to ignore me. Later Gater.


Diane Mandy said...

Dishes? You don't have any Greek in you, do you?

gemma said...


No just the love of Feta cheese, black olives and tossing dishes at the floor with abandon.