Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Over! March on in!

My cousin called last night from Florida, make that sunny Florida. She will be there in her condo with room for visitors until the sun comes out here and then she will come back this way. Maybe next winter I'll go down for a visit. She is a widow and she would love the husband to come too but a girls visit is nice. Maybe I will go down for a few days and then he can join us and then we will go home together. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Well, the weather here is COLD and with the snow we got yesterday still clinging to patches of grass and sides of the road it looks cold. I commented to a friend that February around here is when the world turns black and white. The color of anything is so muted that it turns gray. Picture the Deer Hunter. That's the view from anywhere here in February. Sigh.

Hope springs eternal. Guess what today is? Yup! The last day of this unfortunate month of the year. Thank You Lord.


Roland said...

Michele sent me to see what you're up to tonight. It's cold here in VA (about 18 at last check of the thermometer) tonight too- though they tell us it should be going up into the 50's next week.

colleen said...

It's fun to meet someone who knows Hull/Nantasket Beach and maybe even Paragon Park. I thought by your name that you might be from Spain. I know a Spanish woman named Gemma (G pronounced as H).