Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Queen Bee

I'm really slow on the uptake. The spell check on blogger is not working and hasn't been for quite some time and here I thought that I had somehow become the world's most accurate typist and speller. If anyone has read any recent postings and thought "This one is a true misfit in the spelling world" that is why. I used to win all the spelling bees in elementary school. We would have them at the end of the year and "Ta-Da" there I would be, the Spelling Queen Bee. don't laugh we had that title and it was mine. Now that age has done it's turn around my head and body, one of the victims of the train wreck is my spelling ability. It has been slammed and jammed and ripped asunder. I miss it.

Oh Well. Enough of me. For now that is. I will sign off and be cabk in a shile or ckab in a wihle or know what I meen.

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