Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Old are You?

Here's another thing. I am so tired of "If someone on the right/left said that there would be ginormous repercussions. " Whatever was said or done was only said or done to get in the tabloids/newspapers or onto the Entertainment channels we call the mainstream news channels. Nothing is real anymore. Everything is Britney Spears real. Unless you are wild eyed and breathing through your mouth you are not experiencing life as we know it. Crazed outrage is the equivalent of inner peace nowadays. Whoever you disagree with at the moment is getting a pass from whoever gives those things out. The world has turned into an enormous ladies' room in high school and everyone has perfected the adolescent whine which finishes with "Yeah so? They did it first and they weren't called for it you are soooooo unfair". Stomps off and slams the door.

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