Saturday, February 23, 2008

Righteous is as Righteous does

I just stopped by some of the blogs that I usually stop by and one started me thinking. That, by the way is why I love to stop by the blogs I usually stop by. That thinking thing. It's almost better than a fast walk around the block. Anyway, that thing that made me ponder was a comment made in an almost offhand way about how horrible our environment is. Yikes! How can you bear to be here and think daily or have in the background the thought that we live in a terrible environment???? That's like running a low grade fever or living with major depression that's medicated. My goodness. What is wrong with our lives and our country and our homes and families and environment? Nothing is perfect and there are things we as little specks of humanity can polish up and try to fix but honestly, that mind set of the 60's, that shaking your fist in the face of peace and comfort, that search to find something that you can rebel against and that self righteous attitude that comes over you, and you know it does, when you recycle that Poland Springs bottle or change a damned light bulb. "I did my bit to save the planet today. I walked to the store." Smile that smug self satisfied smile and raise your eyebrows at your neighbor's SUV and inground irrigation system. What the hell is wrong with enjoying your life and home and town and country? Just sayin'.

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