Monday, February 11, 2008

Praise and Support Only

Here's an observation. Reading through blogs for a long time has brought me to this conclusion, there are bloggers out there who tell the world their problems and then say they want no one's opinions unless they are in support of the blogger. What's that about? Why say anything and have open comments unless you want some? If you don't want anything but support then have some seriously non-controversial thoughts. Say things like, "I saw two butterflies today and they are such beautiful creatures. Little girls and boys are delightful and innocent. Apple pie is wonderful with ice cream." There. The opinions elicited will be ever so easy to deal with.


Diane Mandy said...

I tend to agree, although i do belive people can disagree without being disagreeable. When I get the occasional negative comment, I don't mind. We put of thoughts out there in a public forum, so we should expect it, right?

gemma said...

You are absolutely correct. There are a couple of blogs I read which are fascinating and soap opera like and yet...they go on and on about certain problems and state right up front that if anyone says whatever then they will be deleted or in some cases they close all comments. Why talk about it at all I guess. Well, that's just me. Hope it's warmer there than here. It was 7 degrees earlier with a wind chill of minus we don't want to know.....close comments on temperature. Have a great day.

Diane Mandy said...

It was warmer. We are in the throes of a veritable heatwave in this part of Germany. It's 50 degrees all week. Yeah!