Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Weather for Ducks - Donald of course

It has been raining and raining and raining and under these conditions, RAIN and frozen ground and snow upon the frozen ground, I find my basement gets water. Often there is enough water to pump and it has to be hooked up manually which entails slogging through that nasty water (feet wrapped in trash bags) and plugging in a cord while standing in that water -- eeeeek! and then monitoring the pump so that the water level doesn't drop below a spot where the pump will burn out. I am currently pretending that I am in Disneyworld and am oblivious to the weather and the water in my basement. I am of course fiercely praying that the rain will cease and the water will subside.......PLEASE!!! Bye for now. Isn't there a parade somewhere with Mickey and Minnie? Don't tell me it's rained out.

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Sleepypete said...

You've got the engineer part of my brain wondering about devices to cut the power when the water gets too low now ;-)

Improvised juryrig crazie scrapheap challenge ideas are always far more fun than shopbought things, except when you want something to work :-)

Here via Michele - hope the weather improves over there