Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Does Nancy Pelosi ever regret anything she has ever said or done? You know. Like we do. We of little income and power, we of woefully small carbon footprints, we, the people. Do you think she ever, as we would, has those photo ops slam through her brain as the old "Yee Gads, did I really do that?" You know. The pictures from the family party where we played with the hula hoop or put on that big brimmed straw hat that Nana Gumpa brought back from Guadalawhatever, those pictures that when someone brings them out or slide shows them we have to move out of the zip code for a century or seven. THOSE PICTURES!!!! And yet. There she is, in a scarf, or sitting in Syria ever so demurely, knees together, hands delicately placed on those knees turning to the man of the hour as if she were at a college mixer. Yes. I went to those and have regretted every second except for the fodder it provides to know who I mix with today. Honestly. Does she ever run those stupid, damaging, hurtful, disgusting lies she spews to the camera back to herself and when or if she does, does she say, "What a good girl I am." ?

Oh Lord please help me with this anger......I know not what I should do with it.

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