Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Imagine This!!!!!

I try to get through the day without outbursts. Honestly! I try! But then, in my vision passes the rear end of a car with a bumper sticker "Imagine Peace" Tra La. Like it's that simple.

IMAGINE VICTORY!!! is it that tough to do? No. We have to imagine running away, frightened, the bully should never be stood up to, don't get him angry, give him your lunch money and he will leave you alone. You stupid doofus. Give him your lunch money and he'll take the rest of your allowance and your bike and your dolls. When confronted on the street, hand over your wallet and watch and wife and kids and car. Does that mugger look familiar to you? You used to give him your lunch money.

EEEEgads! We are hopelessly doomed to be lectured to by old, daffy flower children who blew most of their brain cells on LSD back in the day. Saggy old goofs (my age by the way) looking for some more fun in the park defying mom and dad. I've got to go before I rupture something critical. Later

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