Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moms and Universities

I was just reading about filming the documentary "Indoctrinate U" and it kind of coincided with a conversation I had with a long time friend as I drove home from work. Her mother is 95 and although a lovely lady, she is a very controlling and domineering mom. My friend has been squashed under this woman's thumb for years and unfortunately married her mother too. Her husband, although a lovely man, is controlling and critical and between her husband and her mother she, years ago shut down and just let the two of them take over. Now, at 64, she is beginning to become the rebellious 16 year old she should have been all those years ago. Both her husband and her mother think she needs psychiatric help because she is merely asserting herself for the first time ever. That documentary blurb talked about the University folk calling the police because this film maker was asking some questions that they were very uncomfortable with. They didn't and don't want their "family issues" aired to the outside world. They don't, like my friend's mother, want any independence of thought on the part of anyone they see as less important as they. Just thinkin'.

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