Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thanks to God

Another day here in Happy Valley. The sun is shining as bright as can be. I awoke to a radio show about reaping what we sow. Before you can sow anything you must prepare the soil. You need to plow and then sift or whatever it's called and winnow? if that's the word I heard. Anyway, living here on earth hardens the soil of our hearts and we have to take the time to prepare our hearts for the seed of the Holy Spirit.

I also heard that only three men in the Bible were described as handsome and they were David, Joseph and Absalom. Each were beautifully made.

The other tidbit is that living a life of privilege does not prepare us well to resist temptation or to work hard but Joseph did. He did live the life of the favored son and was spoiled by his aged doting father. Sold into slavery he worked very hard and earned the respect of Potiphar but was tempted by Potiphar's wife and was able to resist. He was tempted daily not just one time and resisted. Even though he was pampered for his entire life he was able to work hard and resist temptation because God was with him. God was always with him and even though he was adored by Jacob and given the favored position he was still humble. Just saying. That whole discussion has planted the urge to read Genesis again. I love that story.

Thank You for Your Word God. Thank You for everything.

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