Friday, September 07, 2007

Go Sox

Just came back from a walk with my neighbors ... hate to say it but we went to the Dairy Queen. Yes. We. Did. What a glorious night. The stars are sparkling away and the sky is so huge and the air is like a narcotic...if I knew what one was like. It just puts you into a coma it smells so fabulous and is balmy and very like palm trees should be out there. As I sit here and type the Red Sox (Yay team) are playing and I think they're winning. When I was a kid, we never had good reception here and my father and uncles would be outside with the radio on the roof of a car and they would be trying to attach something that would be like an antenna and they would hold it over their heads and turn and twist until the sound sort of came in and then we would all have to be very very very silent so we could hear "swing and a miss" or whatever those baseball guys would be saying. The problem here is that without cable, there is no TV and without some really good radio reception you can only get New York channels and those Yankees, we don't like em.

I love it here and I love this time of year. Go Sox.

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