Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

Got a new to me car and I am so happy. My old, and I mean old, car has had no air conditioning for 2 months....yes, July and August. Now, I have the air conditioning I have been dreaming about.

Speaking of dreaming, I heard Coast-to-Coast with George Noury(sp) the other night and he had a man, Robert Moss, on who interprets dreams. Last night I dreamed about setting the table for dinner and I had no forks. What's that about do you think? He said that you should just write down your first instinct and not belabor the details. Sometimes a dream is just a dream you know and not a message from beyond, wherever that is.

I have to get some lunch now before I faint and then I will put some effort into clearing the desk and at that point I will ramble some more. Later

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