Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks be to the Radio Messengers

Had a terrible day yesterday. Too terrible to review here just know it was emotionally painful. As a result I slept poorly after crying for quite some time and I never even tried to stop. I just walked around weeping like a little girl with the oh poor me's. Anyhow, during the night as I slept poorly I had the radio on and at one point I heard Roy Masters and he told me to remove myself emotionally from whatever was going on around me. Watch the action as if it were a TV drama. Then you will be able to make a correct decision and take a correct action. The emotion of the event allows you to be manipulated or to attempt to manipulate others and either is the wrong thing to do. Thanks Roy, that is such good advice. Wring the emotions out of the scene and the issues become so clear.

Later I heard Dr. Laura and one of her callers was weeping. She felt guilt because her life was good. Dr Laura asked her if she had a crappy family and the girl said sort of. You have survivor guilt, she told the young lady, and you should never feel guilty for the good life you earned through good choices. In a way I am being accused of having a better life than someone else. I won't apologize because my family was a good one and someone else's wasn't. Everyone's family can be crappy in many different ways. Man up! Get over it! Thanks Dr. Laura.

Another Dr. Laura epiphany was a caller who said she wanted her friend to understand...Dr Laura stopped her there and said, No. You want your friend to do what you want her to do. You have an opinion and so does she. You want her to change her opinion to yours. You want her to agree. Whenever some one says they want you to understand. That's code for they want you to agree with them. That cleared up a lot of yesterday. Thank you again Dr. Laura.

And last but not least, I awoke after tossing and turning, to hear Dr Dobson interviewing Barbara Johnson and she said that no one could depend on you for joy or rob you of yours. She would look at the sky and say how glorious, it's as if God vacuumed the sky, that's how clean and sparkling it is. Her husband would say, well God will dump out the vacuum bag soon and take care of that. She said that made him happy and she would not rob him of that. She would not let that thought take her happiness away however. She also said that after a terrible day she would thank God the day was done and pray that there would not be another like that in a hurry.

Thank you God that yesterday is over and I pray there not be another of those in a hurry. Blessings to everyone. It's a beautiful day.

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