Sunday, September 09, 2007


I think it's going to rain today and my lawn will be so happy. It is brown and strawlike since not only has the rain not fallen but no one in this house has turned on the sprinklers. Yesterday I did and the huge sigh of relief and gulping of water could be heard all over the neighborhood. No. Really. The lawn was ecstatic and would have danced if it could have loosened its little feet from the rock hard all dried up ground.

Meanwhile, my husband has been on the hunt for a new coffee maker. The one we have is about seven years old or maybe a little older and it never rests. Lately it's just one pot a day but used to be two or three. He doesn't like the color the inside of the water holder has turned. I clean it (when I think of it and that's when the steam is filling the kitchen) and still, the white is no longer white. The problem with a new coffee maker is that I have an abundance of filters and they are cone shaped. All the new pots he has looked at need the other kind of filter. What a problem huh? I should only have problems like that always.

A neighbor invited everyone to his house to watch the football game. He went clamming the day before and fishing as well. He had a huge amount of steamers and he made chowder out of his fish catch. What a feast. We brought wine and some brought beer and it was so grand to be with such a lovely group of people. We spanned the ages from mid 20's to 60's and how delightful it was to meet and greet people we see in passing. The sound of conversation coming from that house was like a concert of good will.

Today is overcast and sprinkly and perfect. The beach is fogged in and empty. I LOVE it here.

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