Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Is it only Tuesday?

Today began with a transfer of all food from the freezer in the garage to the freezer in the kitchen which had a bit in it already. The food, frozen block solid, had to be unloaded and reloaded and added to. Frozen chicken legs are heavy when they fall on your foot. This exercise in food handling was due to the fact that the ice packs I put in the freezer last night were still soggy this morning. When I pulled out the thermometer it was warmer than freezing and my husband, calm solid block of tranquility that he is, called GQ and the race was on. Now, rather than see if the temperature goes up in that empty freezer, the new one will be delivered tomorrow and we're so done with that other one.

Can't start much better than that now can it? Oh, there is that call from the doctor's office that was waiting for me when I got here at the office. He left a message that I should call him about the lab results. I did. He wasn't available. His nurse called back to see how long I would be here. She couldn't discuss anything. She told me not to worry. Oh sure. Later.

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