Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some shovels are better than others

Back to work. Where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. Oh. That's right. It was. Short week anyhow and today I have decided that the no tree decision was the best ever. I just talked to a couple of friends who are sighing and moaning about putting all the decorations away. Lucky me!

I have a pile of stuff here at the desk and it must be shoveled out since the week is short and we have another holiday coming up. I must grab the shovel and move this paper. At least it's not the shovel I have had to use in this situation.


Anne said...

Did you get through that gate, or will you have to wait until spring?

I am back to work a little this week, too. I like going in this week because it's quiet and there is a lot of parking even though I get in later than normal.

Michele sent me.

Just a trumpet player said...

We have the same amount of snow over here !! Altough, I'm probable one of the few that really enjoy it...

Michele sent me your way to wish you happy holidays !