Thursday, December 20, 2007

Half a Thought

Started this days ago and forgot about it. It was going to be much longer and nostalgiac but everything got in the way. I may return and finish it off. Later.

Listening to Alistair Begg, Truth for Life, as I do frequently. I love his brogue...straight from Edinburgh or some other place in Scotland. It reminds me of all our neighbors when I was very young. See how I digress? Our neighborhood was and still is in the shadow of a great shipyard called Fore River. It no longer is a shipyard but in my childhood years and prior to me it was a booming source of jobs and revenue. Tons of workers, skilled and otherwise arrived from across the seas. Most of our neighbors were workers at the yard and were originally from Scotland which worked beautifully for me as a child since our family was Scottish in heritage. This meant that in my fourth grade Social Studies course when we had to pick a country and expound on it by means of reports, shadow boxes, posters, costumes, special foods etc etc etc, I picked Scotland and boy oh boy what a report I had. I would have brought my neighbors to wear kilts and all but that would have been over the top.

Where was I? Oh yes, Alistair Begg and Truth for Life. Today his lecture or sermon if you will concerned Psalm 31 and the message was and is "my times are in Your hands." I am not trapped in the grip of a blind cold force. I may never know in this life why things are going on but I will, eventually. All things will be made clear. As I have said many times here, the radio is often my link to messages I need to hear. Once again, this is true. I started to write this days ago and I have had events occur, minor to many but you know how that is, I repeated often as I went through the days, "My times are in His hands". What a relief it is to know that.

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