Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Old Photos

I know I said that Alaska would be next but I'm not at the computer where I can do that....this one has some pictures that I scanned a long time ago but doesn't have what I need to download the pictures of my summer vacation from the digital camera. I thought that I might regale you with a favorite of mine...On the left, my grandmother and my two brothers. Aren't those boys darling? Look at the little guy and how sweet he is holding his little hands. His big brother is an imp isn't he? My Grandmother looks so stern and yet she was such a peach. I wasn't in the picture yet, and I mean that literally. Probably this was Easter and I wouldn't be along until Christmas season. I have another picture of this wonderful woman as a young mother. She is standing just as proudly and protective of the two children she bore as she is of these, her grand sons. I really miss my family. I am so glad though that I had them. Now there's some blessing. I am going to try to add that picture now. Wish me luck.

I did it --On the right, my grandmother as a young mom. She is travelling to Halifax Nova Scotia on a ferry to visit her family. My aunt and uncle are with her. My dad was not in the picture yet. Great shot isn't it? Imagine looking so swell and the kids so elegantly attired after the journey they must have already taken. They were living in Massachusetts at the time and this was prior to 1912. Yikes. I can't get to work 12 miles away without wrinkling like a bag of old laundry.


kenju said...

These are wonderful photos, Gemma! I posted some of our family photos back on my old blog, but I didn't have many that could compete with these.

Thanks for the visit. The Santa collectors live in 5 rooms on the lower level of their daughter and son-in-law's home. I can't believe it either! They have so much Santa stuff that I can't believe they have room to pack it all away after the holidays!

Star said...

I love old photos . You are lucky to have some of relatives. Michele sent me.

Joyful Days said...

I love old photos & these are wonderful. I have all my mother's to go through for my dad. It's just been too hard to start. Hopefully after the first of the year I can get up the gumption.