Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the Season

I have nothing done for Christmas, except my wreath on the door. That's it. No tree. No lights. No presents. I have decided to make donations this year in place of presents for the older kids in the crowd. I am donating to Angel Tree in lieu of gifts. The younger group will not be coming to the house this year and so I won't see them until after the holidays if then and they are the only reason to buy gifts. We are having Christmas Eve on Sunday since too many of my husband's family are working on Monday and Tuesday. We have it at our house and it is soooo tiny that when a tree is placed in the room with 12 or more people there is barely room to inhale.

Last year I moved the dining room/kitchen table to the middle of the living room so that there would be room to move around the table and once seated actually get up again without the entire table moving to accomodate you. Yes, that's the way it was all other years. We are a close family. Once in the living room, the tree was not a possibility and I have to confess that once the room filled with yammering eating and once the crowds left and I started to clean, I didn't miss it at all. I especially didn't miss the putting away part of the tree. I think the only part I really ever enjoy is placing the ornaments on since it's been a year and I so enjoy remembering where each came from and who they remind me of. Maybe my newer Christmas tradition will be to get the ornament boxes out, open them and oooh and aaah over each as I lift them out and return them to the box. I will then put the boxes away and vacuum the house preparing to serve dinner to 12 or more. Thank goodness the husband is in the kitchen cooking and preparing. I just have to set the table and look pretty.

I didn't send cards this year. I guess I didn't last year either. I know I pulled the cards out last year and noticed a great many were addressed from the year before so I guess that I can safely say, "I don't send Christmas cards". Now is the time that I bend with the burden of guilt however. The cards dwindle in and I think that I well send them as I get them. I have three ready to go this morning. I don't get many cards either. I used to, years ago, when I sent them. Hmmm, could there be a connection? Could the cards I got be a result of the cards I sent? Could those people be sending cards as I now do? Do I really have a great social network or do I merely have a bunch of responders out there?

On that note I am off to the post office to respond to what I got and consider my character and the people I surround myself with, card wise.


Joyful Days said...

I haven't done cards for years. I meant to do some cards for a few of my mother's friends that I had known pretty well. But just could not get that done. This is just a different year.

That is so neat that you have that many for Christmas. I really like the donations idea.



Diane Mandy said...

No tree and no gift here either. Sounds like a less stressful Christmas for you. And this is a reason to celebrte, no?

gautami tripathy said...

WE celebrate Diwali by sending cards and gifts. This year I did neither. I gave to those who needed it. I don't feel guilty. I even told people not to get me anything.

I liked reading your post. Glad Micle sent me here.

Melody said...


I just did a post and said that I too hate putting the CHristmas tree away too. Terrible job. Great job setting the tree up, terrible job pulling it down. I said that one year my mum threw out the tree, decorations and all! *heehee* Obviously she hated un-decorating the tree too!

Great idea with the donation thing. I'll be donating my money in the future to Oxfam. After my child is not a little child any more. You know what I mean?

I'm here via Michele today. DOn't mind me as I look around your blog.... Cheers.

kenju said...

I have tried for at least 5 years not to send cards, but I feel guilty when we get them, so I send to those who send to me. This year, we got 43 cards so far, and sent about 25. It's too late now, so we just have to feel guilty, I guess. LOL
Merry Christmas!