Sunday, December 02, 2007


Well I lived through it. It was every bit as bad as I expected. The ray of sunshine was the mother to be who looked great and smiled graciously and thanked everyone with hugs and sincere gratitude. It's too bad , yes I am about to be judgemental here, that she seems to have picked a loser for her child's father. It's even more too bad that he hasn't stepped up, married her, found a job and worked towards supporting himself and his new family. No. Rather than those things he has moved her with him into his mother's house which I am told is tiny. His sisters still live at home and his mother is a single mom. I hope I am proven wrong about this but only time will tell. Meanwhile we always have Christmas Eve at our house and my husband has always put his foot down when the nieces want boyfriends to come. "They're not family", he growls and they don't come. The nieces do, the boyfriends don't and honestly, all of those past connections are gone so it's good our memories are as the husband wants them to be "just family". Now his sister wants this, yes, I am going to say it, loser, to come since he is the baby's dad. This should prove interesting. The husband? He is a man of strong opinion and he has a strong one in this regard. Those comments above regarding the dad? Mine alone. I don't share since I don't want to influence. I didn't have to since the husband? he has an even dimmer view of this relationship. How much time is there before the eve of Christmas?

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Carmi said...

Hi Gemma. I dropped by from Michele's on this very stormy night to let you know that I hope this all works out somehow.

The realist in me says that isn't highly likely. It looks like a disaster in the making, and I wish there were some way to fix it all.

But the world doesn't work that way, and life's about making choices and being responsible enough to accept the consequences.

I'll pray for the little munchkin's future.