Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Way back in December 2004 I wrote about the story of my birth. My mother would always tell this one with great vigor. Yesterday was my birthday and I started out determined to be depressed since I have no immediate family member left to wish me HB. My husband never uttered a word until way later in the day when I told him that he had better say HB before I thought too much more about his silence and really worked up a good one. His deer in the headlights eyes said it all...oh well he was appropriately contrite and I got to play the HB card all day, as in "No I don't want to go to the dump. It's my birthday today." etc etc and so forth.

At the close of the day I have to admit I really had a nice birthday. My dearest and longest forever friend called first thing and she sang. My other BFF called and sang and her husband joined in. My cousin called, my niece called, a neighbor dropped off a card and another childhood friend called after we got back from dinner. I heard the birthday song from time to time all day long. It was a lovely day. Plus the sun was out and it was almost 4o degrees. How great was that?

Today I am doing laundry and house things. I bought a wreath yesterday, a plain one and I am using the giant scallop shells we have gathered. A local fish market makes fabulous stuffed scallops and they are in giant scallop shells. I have at least a dozen that I have scrubbed clean and put away. They are about to be glue gunned and mounted on that wreath. I saw one already done up at the nursery and they wanted $39.00 for it. It was lovely but...mine will be equally stunning and only cost $6.95. I am such a Martha Stewart. Now if only I don't glue the works to the kitchen counter. Wish me luck. Maybe this will push me into the picture phase of this blog. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Joyful Days said...

Gemma, Many, many belated birthday wishes. I hope this year is full of amazing blessings.