Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Plans are Cast in Concrete Unless They Aren't

Well, my free kitchen was short lived. I should know by now that whenever the husband gives me his plan for the day it changes. He says that he will be on the road all day. "Don't hold lunch for me. I'll be back late." And so I plan my day accordingly. 11:30 AM the phone rings and there he is, pleased as punch to report that he's on his way home and what's for lunch? This is 99.99% of the time. I can count on the day to be totally unlike whatever he tells me it will be. This is the same man however who can get into an offhand casual conversation weeks ago with you and you may say that Friday the 7th would be a good day to go to lunch at some place or other. Here we are weeks later and you may say that you have a something or other planned for Friday the 7th and he will get very agitated since we made plans for lunch and he has it marked down and when we make a plan, by golly, he plans it absolutely.

He wears me out!!


kenju said...

About 20-30 years ago, I could have said the same thing about mr. kenju. But fast-forward to 2007, and he is here all the time, wanting meals all day long. I live for work outside the home!!

David said...

i have someone wearing me out too,
not sure what I can do, people don't really change, do they?