Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

Well, the refrigerator is filled with leftovers and I am here waiting for the downpour to abate so that I can walk the dog without drowning. She may have to cross her legs for a while. It appears that we will have rain all morning and it is pounding down driving rain. It's very hard to hold her and the umbrella and the pooper scooper.

I learned this about the Thanksgiving feast. It takes as much work to cook and clean up for three as it did in past years for twelve. The big difference is the kitchen is not at all crowded and the table did not get moved into the living room with a card table extension.

My nephew is with us. He is, as he says, "high functioning" but cannot live alone. He is in a house with two other men and a wonderful staff that feels like family. I have him with me for every holiday and some weekends in between. I asked hime what his favorite part of Thanksgiving was expecting him to say turkey or pumpkin pie which I know are his favorite things on the table. He said, "Being with family." I cried.

I am so thankful for him and my husband and all the others in my extended family. Everyone this year on Thanksgiving Day were healthy and safe. I only wish we could have all been together but some years that's the way it is.

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Sara said...

You know how to pack a punch...I cried, too...

Bless his heart and bless you for including him all the is a blessing for both of you!