Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hold on and Pray

What a week and it's only Wednesday. The brother of one of my very dear friends died unexpectedly over the week end. It was a terrible shock for her most certainly and for the rest of us as well. Another dear friend is having gargantuan financial woes and is trying to sell a building to undo some of that. There is a person in her life doing everything he can to make this effort as difficult as he can and he is trying his best to be sure that she will be even further in debt after the sale than she is now. It's a long and nasty tale and they never had a relationship other that business, imagine how bad it would be otherwise.

I feel so helpless. I have talked with both ladies and really have nothing to offer but a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on. There is nothing I can say to make any of this better. In both cases I can truly empathize since I have suffered both the loss of siblings and panic inducing financial issues. It really doesn't help though in the advice area....I have none other than hold on and pray for strength.

I hope the rest of the week smooths out. Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist for the results of that stress test I took two weeks ago. A sense of dread is hovering over me thanks to the week so far. I guess I'll take my own advice. I'll hold on and pray for strength regardless of the outcome. God is on His throne after all and He will work everything for good for those who love Him and I do.

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Sara said...

What a time of the year to be going though tough times like your friends are. I hope they know what a wonderful friend they have in you.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow..and I hope all goes well.