Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Am Healed

Hallelujah Hannah! Don't tell me this blog your emotions doesn't work. Shortly after that last upheaval of poor me-itis I filed all the business papers and moved the cartons out of the living room so now, I have, a living room. I pulled all the knick knacks off of the window ledges, removed the curtains, washed them and the windows and the do dads and the walls and the floors and the corners and the baseboards and the lamp over the dining table got lemon oiled and shined up. I am a new woman. I have a broken back. I am taking motrin in abundance and I reek of ben gay but.....I have conquered my lethargy. Thank You Blog!!!

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Michelle M. said...

Just read through your last two posts. Glad that you are doing better now. I hope your back heals quickly.