Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well here is is, Sunday. Another week begins. One of my goals is to establish myself with a church and become a regular Sunday church goer. I know that sounds so superficial but it is a host of things to me.

Because of the kind of gypsy wandering I have done in the past I have hesitated to join anything. I could never count on my schedule allowing a constant time and place to plan anything. When young we traveled to Florida for the month of December which pulled us out of all the school pageants and church events. Then, in the summer we packed up to Cape Cod the day after school let out and returned the day after Labor Day. We missed all the school's out things that kids do at home but loved our summers away. We met lots of kids a week or two at a time since most of the population were "renters". That brought a lot of pen palling into my life if a bond was made during that week or two.

College was great for forming friendships and since most of my friends were from out of state we rarely connected during breaks or summers. That didn't seem odd to me due to my past experience. I kept in touch as always but now the phone played a bigger role.

At the work phase of my life I had a job that involved travel. Sometimes out of state always in different offices. My relationships were wide spread. I was a trainer and the people I connected with were in my charge for a few weeks at the most and then I moved on. No roots.

I tried to go to grad school during this time since the company would pay but when during the year I would be all over the Northeast or further I couldn't fit a regular schedule of two or three nights a week at a specific location into my life. Tried twice and had to withdraw each time due to work duties.

The time of my life prior to the Florida transition was lovely. All winter we were in one place and Sunday meant Sunday School followed by Sunday dinner and family. I remember the Christmas Fair in the church and the bake sales and the childrens' choir. It was a good solid feeling. I want that again and now, with retirement and finally free of the snarl of the family business and real estate I am close to being in one place for a stretch of time. So begins my search for the church.

I have a little more unsnarling to do. Our house of many years must be sold and today we have a couple of volunteers with strong backs and a trailer. We will head on up and move some of the huge amount out of that house and into storage. Today will not be a search for church day but hopefully most Sundays from now on will be.

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Sara said...

I understand what you mean about needing roots...I do, too. Maybe that is why the two times that I have moved have always found a quilt guild immediately! And, church...even though I don't go every Sunday now a days - I still know it is there when I need to be there.